Inspiration Tips and Tricks to Build and Sustain a Healthy Living Habit

Inspiration Tips and Tricks to Build and Sustain a Healthy Living Habit

Inspiration Tips and Tricks to Build and Sustain a Healthy Living Habit

Article by Lyuben Georgiev

Admit it – as much as you take your vitamins, schedule a visit to the gym, make attempts to ditch your bad habits and eat healthier foods, sometimes it takes its toll on you. You may feel that aside from the vitamins (which are quite easy to take, actually) everything else feels like an ordeal. You can feel too tired to go to the gym. You might feel like you are eating the same healthy and full of vitamins but tasteless foods every day. Craving for your old vices like smoking and drinking that erases the good stuff vitamins do might make you feel unhappy because you know you shouldn’t – or feel guilty because you cheated on a sip of wine or a puff of cigarette.

What you need is inspiration. There are little things you can do aside from take your vitamins to stay on the track to the healthier and happier lifestyle. These are easy pick-me-ups that do a world of a difference, especially when you are trying to build a habit and make it progress to a point where it becomes normal for you.


When you need to work out but already feel tired about the hassle of dressing up and going to the gym after work, break down your routine into manageable bits. You can take your vitamins in the morning then do ten to fifteen minutes of stretching. By midday, have a vitamin and mineral-packed lunch then power-walk or power-stroll around your office building under the sun. At night, you can run the treadmill for the duration of a thirty minute sitcom. By the time you go to sleep, you have already done a cool forty-five minute routine, which should be light but effective enough to start you on the path to wellness!

You can also buy a “challenge outfit” that you will wear once you have achieved your desired body. Buy a dress or a pair of pants in the size you want to be, and every week or two try it on. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with what you see in the mirror, then take your new outfit out for a spin!

Happy Munchies

Food also factors in, because these are loaded with vitamins and minerals necessary for your exercise routine. Choose ingredients that are high in vitamins, then research on simple but sumptuous ways to cook them up. You can even extend this by packing a delicious gourmet sandwich with lots of vitamins for your lunch so you are not tempted to join your friends at the fast good joint. Keep the vitamins in your meal and your whole body – not just your tummy – will thank you for it.

And when it comes to vices, award yourself for every day that you did not touch it. Give yourself two dollars for every successful “no vice day” but deduct ten dollars when you cave in. Do this for one to two months and by the end of it, crack open your piggy bank and buy yourself something awesome as a prize!

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