Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Green Smoke Cigarette And Smokestik Review

Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Green Smoke Cigarette And Smokestik Review

Electronic Cigarettes Aka an E Cig, or e-Cigarettes.

Electronic smoking has truly become popular.

Electric cigarettes have advanced so much, that you simply begin to forget it’s actually not a regular cigarette. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes – it is just a battery powered device that enables you to inhale doses of nicotine through vapor. What’s more, it delivers a flavor and the physical sensation of typical tobacco smoke. More importantly, it doesn’t include the poisonous ingredients like carbon monoxide, tar, etc. In addition they are available in a variety of flavors like menthol.

Electric Cigarette Reviews

Since there’s lots of e-cigarettes available, I’m going to offer you the best electric cigarette reviews.

Smokeless Cigarettes:

Green Smoke Cigarette

Aside from eliminating the smoking risks, with the Green Smoke Cigarette, you can actually start smoking anywhere you want to. Since it truly is merely water vapor, there is no smoke odor or smoke smell that all non-smokers are normally complaining about.

The electronic cigarette cartridges is only $2.95 and it’s equivalent to the normal pack of cigarettes – but without having the $5-$10 price tag. You’ll not just be minimizing your smoking health risks, you will be reducing your costs. The Green Smoke Cigarette additionally claims that its disposable cartidges yield more smoke volume than every other company. They offer both non-nicotine cartridges as well as nicotine cartridges.

Have a look at this Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review Video:

As you can see, the Green Smoke cigarette is first-rate.

Smokestik Review

The Smokestik electric cigarette includes a three part design compared to the Green Smoke Cigarette which has a two part design. They lay claim in being the only supplier manifacturing inside the US. Only non-nicotine cartridges can be obtained with Smokestik.Review of the Smokestik plus the Green Smoke Cigarette should help you make a decision regarding which one is likely to be the better choice for you.

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Electronic Cigarette Reviews Bottom line…

No matter what unit you decide on getting, you may begin noticing your teeth aren’t getting yellow any more. And your air capacity might even improve.

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