Pura Vida Raw Vegan Chocolate Bread 170g

Pura Vida Raw Vegan Chocolate Bread 170g
Pura Vida Raw Vegan Chocolate Bread 170g

Product Details

Pura Vida raw vegan chocolate bread, gluten, wheat and yeast free made with biodynamic buckwheat. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Pura Vida, litterally meaning “pure life” in Spainish, belives that simple, unadulterated pleasures, on a consistent basis, lead to a rich, and truly nourished life. Likewise Pura Vida believe that their daily bread – “the stall of life,” the staple of civilisations throughout millennia – should be as complete and nutritionally rich as the life we all seek to lead. In our exclusive raw-baked bread range, Pura Vida believe they have done just that.

Serving Suggestion

Try our chocolate bread as a perfect, satisfying bite on its own, or topped with your favourite sweet or savoury flavours.

How about hazelnut or almond butter more-ishly spread, sprinkled with fennel and mint leaves? Or, for a sweet delicacy, blend a custard apple (cherimoya) with half an avocado and a quarter squeezed orange for 10-20 seconds. And spread lavishly over your chocolate bread.


Sprouted Buckwheat, Raw ecuadorian Chocolate powder, Carrots, Dates, Flaxseeds, Olive Oil, Water.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
339kcal, 56.9% carbs, 13.7% protein, 15.2% fat.

Other Information

What is Pura Vida Raw bread?

Pura Vida bread s made with 100% whole and unprocessed, sprouted living raw ingredients, not cooked or baked at high temperatures but gently and slowly dehydrated at 40 celcius.

This process alchemically liberates the high quality carbohydrates contained in the sprouted buckwheat seed, whilst at the same time preserving the sessintial enzymes, minerals and proteins that made traditional breads such a powerful foundation for Pura Vita’s ancestor’s health.

How is Pura Vida different from conventional bread?

Gluten, wheat, yeast free, vegan and raw, made from sprouted buckwheat grown in biodynamic organic famrs, with omega 3 rich ground linseeds and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Pura Vita’s bread is naturally high in protein, easy to digest and is laden with the full spectrum of nutrutional components, just as nature intended.

Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free, Yeast Free