A Wake Up Call- A View on Cancer, Fast Food, and Doctors

A Wake Up Call- A View on Cancer, Fast Food, and Doctors

A couple of things really bother me a lot lately the more I keep thinking about it. I will start with Cancer and ramble on from there. Every time I see or pass a “Donate to Cancer Research” or “Walk for Cancer” thing I cringe. Right away I would be considered heartless because these are things I would NOT do. I just lost my step dad who has helped raise me since I was 2 to cancer and just watched my g/f’s dad lose his battle 2-3 months later also, so this makes me even more angry. With the trillions of hard earned donated dollars for research why is there no cure? Also, why does it cost thousands of dollars per minute for said research?

My View on Cancer Research

The reason they will never release a cure comes down to the big pharmaceutical companies not wanting the cure to get out. Natural or chemical, I am sure they have developed a cure that doesn’t kill people before the cancer does. Everything is society comes down to money. You release the cure ( and I’m sure it doesn’t cost much) and many thousands of cancer doctors will lose their jobs, most cancer researchers will lose jobs, the Cancer Institutes will shut down, big pharm will take a nasty hit in their pockets, and people will live out their lives. All of these events are basically negative, even the “people will live.” This comes to the fact that people need to die and the Gov’t wants them to. Not only is it population control, this is also a time of crisis for Social Security. So in my opinion you are wasting your time and money donating to fake research. Even if the President felt strong enough against cancer and wanted to release the cure, there would be people waiting to line his pockets, death threats, etc for him not to. He would also have to look at the big picture with the job loss and more people living. Less jobs + more people + more taking social security= worse economy.

Why I Hate Doctors

I have to go get a check up every year for my health insurance for work. The morning I was going in I saw ads on TV for prescription drugs ( you know, the ones with the 10 secs of what it cures and the rest of the 10 mins of how it will kill you as they show people smiling in the background) and as soon as I walked in to the Doc’s office I saw ads set up on the walls, pens with ads, paper pads with ads, and all sorts of other shit. The clear signs of marketers pushing their products and paying the Doctor to push their product. At the time I was tired all of the time and would gain weight fast when not exercising every day. The doctor right away told me it was my Thyroid and wrote me a script. I was desperate to feel more energetic so I just went along with it, no results of course. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism because my blood work was “a little off.” She never once asked about my diet or how I could get my thyroid to properly function, instead I get more pills. Well after a Biopsy, CT Scan, X rays, and thousands of dollars in other shit it turns out the only thing wrong was my diet. Anytime I led her to conversation about diet she quickly turned to medication. So it was then obvious to me she was racking up the money and pushing pills as 99% of all Doctors are brainwashed to do. Anyway, I changed my diet, quit eating fast food, and now I feel great. If I would have done this at the beginning the Doctor would have only made the 70-100 bucks for my visit instead of the thousands and thousands my health insurance and I shoveled at them. Doctors also get bonuses from marketers if they refer so many patients to take their meds, so I’m sure I was another number.

While in the office one morning to grab my xrays for future reference I was waiting for the doctor. I was listening to her on the phone in the background give the same speech about “thyroid being a little off” to 3 PEOPLE IN A ROW! WTF. It was like she was some sort of fucking automated message. Major wake up call!

This all comes down to the same cycle as the cancer research. If these doctors would talk about the importance of diet more, and not push so many meds, it would start the chain reaction of big pharm not getting their money. Also, prescription drugs are the number one cause of death in the US and they don’t even factor in the old people that died of “natural causes” while on 50 different meds. My bro took my dad to get a check up and he literally came out with 2 shopping bags worth of meds getting his scripts filled at Rite Aid. 40 bucks worth of meds at 2-3 dollars per script. Do the math. I could go on and on at how pissed off I am but I will stop here. You guys get the point. Everything leads back to big pharm getting their money and keeping the jobs of doctors and hospitals.

Universities and Research

Quite a few of my friends went down the doctors path and come up with arguments against what I say. They then point back to some research paper and/or tell me I’m inferior because I didn’t do the schooling, so what I say is crap. Sorry if I don’t pay with 10 yrs of my life and money to be brainwashed. I’m sure they learn a lot of great stuff, but I can’t take a professor seriously that has been taught the same. Looking back at High School and seeing how bad I was lied to and seeing all of the half truths killed my trust in the education system. You should all know the with Universities looking for more money and trying to keep tuition down that they will accept donations from the big pharm. I am sure a lot of these “research papers” are done in favor of whatever drug or flu shot is in question. If I was doing a research paper that would be published to millions for future reference, you bet your ass that companies will be throwing money at me to alter it in their favor.

Fast Food!

I was thinking the other day on not how bad fast food is for you, but what would happen if they all closed down. Obesity would decline with people being more healthy, job loss would be insane, doctors/hospitals would have less patients, and people would live longer. You guys keep seeing the same pattern I do? I’m thinking half of the jobs currently would be wiped out. It’s not just the fast food employees but the delivery drivers, farmers, window cleaners, toy companies, and everyone else linked to getting money from them. Fast food is here to stay. People need to die, we need jobs, and we are sending people with the health problems to the Doctors and Cancer Centers.

This is what I see going on around me. What do you see?