The Importance of Servicing Medical Equipment

The Importance of Servicing Medical Equipment

One often overlooked cost of operating medical equipment is the cost of its maintenance. Many of today’s medical devices use complex electrical and digital computer technologies that require the services of specialized biomedical technicians to maintain. Checking and servicing expensive medical equipment on a regular basis is important to improving the life-span and economic efficiency of medical equipment. This is why medical equipment providers often advertise maintenance policies along with their prices. Making sure that you purchase your equipment from a vendor that offers a good maintenance and repairs policy is something every new medical practice should take into account. Even if you’re purchasing refurbished medical equipment, you should look for a vendor that offers some kind of maintenance and repair program.

Maintenance is an ongoing process

Maintenance includes a variety of procedures including regular or semi-regular monitoring, calibrating and cleaning of medical devices. Maintenance costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the the machine in questions, but in all instances, maintenance must be done regularly and continuously in order to ensure that devices are working safely and optimally.

The many benefits of competent medical equipment maintenance services include:

· Improved utilization of medical equipment

· Reduction and prevention of long-term repair costs

· Reduction of energy consumption costs of medical equipment

· Avoiding unexpected equipment malfunctions

· Lowering the hospital or practice’s overhead costs

· Improved overall management

Choosing the Right Medical Equipment Services

If you’re looking for medical equipment service, you’ll find that there are a lot of service providers to choose from. Your best bet is to take the time to do your research. Go online and look at the each medical equipment provider’s website and read up on their policies, prices and services. A few things to ask as you’re doing your research include:

· Do they provide all the services you need? Be sure that they provide routine and emergency repair as well as preventative maintenance, testing and calibration services

· Are they fully insured? In case your equipment is damaged you’ll want to make sure that the company is prepared to cover the costs fully.

· Do they provide free estimates? It’s a competitive enough market out there that if a company does not provide free estimates, it’s likely not a company you need waste your time.

· Do they offer free pickup and delivery? As with free estimates, free pickup and delivery should also be a given, plus, especially when it comes to big pieces of medical equipment, having this taken care of for you is a huge load off your back. Medical Recruitment

· Do they provide complete documentation? A good maintenance company should be able to provide you with complete documentation after each visit to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. As with a car mechanic, always ask for estimates and other such important documents in writing.

Erick D. Smith is a blogger living in Southern California who occasionally writes for a San Diego medical equipment provider. It''s important to service your medical equipment and whether you''re choosing a medical equipment service in San Diego or any other city, research a variety of local companies before making your selection.