Healthy Weight Reduces Major Health Risks

Healthy Weight Reduces Major Health Risks

Healthy Weight: For Reduced Health Risks

Healthy weight is a necessity and therefore a major concern in today''s living. Because of which there is a desire or should I say a huge clamor for weight loss programs. Being overweight is as much a worry as being underweight. Overweight is a major cause for a number of serious illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes [type 2], heart diseases etc. Good weight management entails sufficient care by people who have tendencies for being overweight whereas practicing healthy weight loss programs by those who are overweight already.We are made up of our body, mind & soul. Each one is closely linked to the other. A healthy life is one that is full of activity. Physical, mental and spiritual. Physical activity requires active movement of body. This is possible if there is no constraint imposed on your body. Such constraint or inertia arises due to the presence of more than acceptable fat in your body. Overweight or obesity is the presence of excess fat around the waist or in the pelvic region. Reason for accumulation of excess fat? Indiscretion! Eating too much of sugar, dairy products, unsaturated fat, junk food coupled with lack of adequate physical activity.

The indicator or parameter used to quantify body weight is called Body Mass Index [BMI]. It is a number based on weight & height. The higher the BMI, the greater is the risk of complex diseases as mentioned earlier. To calculate exact BMI, one of the following equations is used:The person''s weight in pounds and height in inches: BMI = (pounds x 700) divided by (inches squared)The person''s weight in kilograms and height in meters: BMI = kilograms divided by (meters squared)source: WebMDThe following table provides information about BMI:Body Mass Index [BMI]ResultLess than 18.5UnderweightBetween 19 & 24.9In the raecommended rangeBetween 25 & 29.9Overweight30 or higherObesesource: WebMDMere fact of BMI being in the recommended range does not make a you healthy unless you continue healthy eating and physical exercises. In addition to BMI, waist size also is an indicator of overweight and obesity. You may find out more about the recommended waist sizes, mitigation measures in cases of variation in weight below or above the recommended range at Weight Management-Are You at a Healthy Weight?

Even if there is no apparent evidence of one of the serious illnesses like blood pressure, heart ailment or diabetes, being overweight or obese seriously impairs the metabolic activity. I keep advising people about the vicious loop that they can get into by succumbing to temptations for foods that cause a higher proportion of fat in the body. The accumulation of fat adds to girth & weight. The body develops inertia and physical activity is hampered. This in turn affects the mind which loses it''s alacrity. The cravings get perverse and there is an aggravated desire to consume more heavier food. Lack of physical exercise leading to obesity restricts all body movement. There is a contracted & sluggish state of muscles which will not receive a fair amount of oxygen, the vital rejuvenatory. The gait & poise suffers as a consequence of which you may start losing confidence and productivity. I believe though that as long as there is healthy activity all through the day, eating all kinds of foods does not really affect your weight adversely. But then eating foods rich in fiber can really be of great help in moderating your appetite. Higher intake of dietary fiber ensures that the feeling of satiated remains longer & there is lesser craving for food.

But the problem of obesity & overweight is very widespread today. According to Worldwatch Institute there are nearly 2 billion people who are overweight. As per their analysis, 38 percent of adults [15 years or older for this analysis] are overweight. Overweight related diseases are also on the rise. Diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and many more high risk health disorders are consequences of overweight & obesity. Note however that there is difference between being overweight & obese, the latter is mainly due to excess of fat while the former could be due to muscle, bone adipose or water.Maintaining a healthy weight should be of paramount importance for a healthy lifestyle. Many people realize but late. And then there is clamor for weight loss programs but not many seek healthy weight loss programs but may rather get lured with crash diet & weight loss programs. Even there, without persisting no healthy outcomes may be possible.

Healthy weight & lifestyle have a practical connection. There are many different ways for people to lose weight but results will never be fast & soon. And then if there are some quick results some programs can deliver, the malady can bounce back with vengeance no sooner you complete the short program and not bother to carry it on.Age of the person, general health and daily routine generally determine which weight loss measures are good for you.Yoga is the most natural, proven, effective and low cost methods for healthy weight loss. This is no crash course nor are its benefits short lived. It is not merely a physical exercise but a complete health management system. While weight loss may be an immediate goal for many [which it helps achieve effectively], the practice improves your whole system as well as your personality profoundly.

Charry Morris, Yoga Instructor to the United States Ski Team athletes and numerous other professional athletes, models, actors, weekend warriors and everyday guys & gals offers a Yoga Weight Loss System does convey the natural benefots from Yoga quite well:The poses, or exercises, of yoga, wring and soak the abdominal organs to increase and stimulate digestion. Yoga helps ease bloating and that heavy feeling we get when we overeat. Yoga stimulates digestion. In order to digest food, we need to increase our metabolism. Yoga directly affects the brain which controls the hormonal secretions of the digestive organs. Yoga literally tells the body to rev up the metabolic rate.Yoga works on the musculo-skeletal system, it also works on the mind. You start to realize what your habits are, good or bad. You start to realize what triggers which responses. You start to change from the inside out.Where there is stretching, there is relaxation. By elongating and lengthening muscle tissue the body develops leaner muscle mass. By relaxing with the sensation of stretch, the body releases toxins and toxic emotional build up.Most of our lives are spent using our major muscles to move and support ourspine. This puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders, head and neck. It can also literally tighten your stomach into knots. Yoga trains your muscles to work more efficiently. Learning to balance and move with grace brings confidence. With inner confidence, we can do anything. We can reach any goal and find ease in our life. When you start to own your body through yoga, you start to change destructive habits and alter how you interact with the world around you. You become more active and engaged. It is a big paradigm shift that happens automatically!

Morris explains eleven reasons why Yoga works for you. I found her approach quite promising because she focuses on the true virtues of Yoga for not merely weight loss but for an overall wellness. Though her program is titled Yoga Weight Loss System, the holistic view of Yoga is covered in the system she brings to you. As she says:Yoga makes you more susceptible to influence for change – so if you are thinking you want to change your lifestyle, you want to change the way you think about food, you want to get over destructive eating patterns, yoga will help give you the spiritual connection to your body that can help you make those changes. Essentially, in yoga you learn your body is not your enemy, and the conscious awareness of the body that you gain translates into better appetite controlThis is the true essence of Yoga.

Charry Morris offers you a downloadable e-book program which you may read on your computer or print the book and read at your pace. You get a number of bonuses as well as the opportunity to interact with her for guidance. You may hear what her students say and convince yourself and take comfort from the 100% 60 day money back guarantee when you choose to buy her e-book program.Healthy weight should be a concern at and from all ages for enjoying the gift of life. Considering that there is an alarming childhood obesity around the globe, children must take as much interest in healthy weight loss programs as much as the adults. Healthy weight management through natural & simple methods like yoga, healthy eating, correct breathing as well as healthy habits and attitudes will put you in control of your health & life.

Goes hand in hand with the Four Principles of weight loss which are intensity, frequency, mode and duration. All this leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney damage due to high blood pressure.

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